I have been practising yoga for many years, since seriously injuring myself for what seemed like the thousandth time in a mountain bike crash. I initially wanted to gain flexibility and strength to aid recovery, prevent injury, and hopefully improve performance, and found a few yoga videos online. I was put off attending classes at the time because most of them seemed very female-focused and a little too “easy” compared to what I was looking for.

Since then, I’ve found Vinyasa flow and Forrest yoga, and trained in advanced techniques with Frog Lotus Yoga International, and got over my fear of attending classes!

The goal of a regular yoga practice is ultimately to achieve “samadhi” – a level of enlightenment obtained through a regular and consistent physical and mental practice. One of the reasons we practice asana is to quiet the mind, but another significant reason is to simply look after our bodies and achieve physical longevity. We all want to be able to move freely and easily when we’re 90 years old, and that’s a lot easier to achieve if we look after bodies throughout our lives.

As a result, my practice, and my teaching, is based on the premise that strength is at least as important as flexibility. Neither works well for your body without the other. That means being able to hold plank for 3 minutes, or maintain a solid chaturanga is as valid a goal as being able to fold into wheel pose or yoginidrasana.

I usually teach a style of yoga more similar to Vinyasa (flowing yoga to music, with strengthening poses as well as flexibility), combined with Forrest yoga (intense poses with a focus on core strength), but I also teach hatha, yin, restorative yoga as well as yogalates and other variations.

I trained with Frog Lotus Yoga International, under the excellent guidance of Jennilee Toner and Vidya Heisel, I love anatomy and body mechanics, and have a bachelors degree in biological sciences, so my classes include precise alignment and anatomy cues, as well as intelligent sequencing to help your body (and mind) get the most out of your yoga practice.

I’m also trained in Indian head and body massage, which helps me to provide effective assists in classes, and help you relax in savasana!

If you’ve been practicing yoga for years, I’d love to practice with you in one of my classes, workshops, or 1-1’s. If you’re new to yoga, if you’re nervous about what to expect, or you feel you’re not “flexible enough”, get in touch now! You’ll find that your capability well exceeds your expectations! I’m particularly interested in working with people who identify as male who haven’t considered yoga in the past, or have been put off it for any reason.

I’m also really keen to work with anyone who considers themselves less able, through any physical or mental disability or injury.


Follow me on Instagram and twitter (@tom_geraghty), follow Yoga Let Loose (@yogaletloose) and my amazing yoga teacher partner Jade Lizzie (@jadelizzie) and visit www.jadelizzie.com

Contact me via email at tom@tgyoga.co.uk or call/text on 07779 227087.


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